Need to relax? Come and book in for a massage 60 mins, 90 mins or 120 mins. On offer:

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a style of massage that is conducted on a large soft mat on the ground. The client is fully clothed, and is completely relaxed allowing Lisa to hold and move your body into different positions in a beautiful dance of breathwork and movement. Your body is moved into asana where it is stretched and your joints are manipulated with the use of acupressure to heal and relax the body. Lisa massages you with hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, knees and feet.

Relaxation Massage

Massaged on a massage table, the client is massaged with warmed Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Seed Oil . This warm oil is excellent for nourishing your skin, and assisting with reducing any inflammation in the body. This type of massage is beautifully nourishing, many people who have this massage find themselves falling asleep or having an emotional release.

Optional extra: Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is Yogic Sleep. After your massage why not listen to Lisa’s soothing voice to take you into the half state of sleep and consciousness where your body’s parasympathetic nervous system is relaxed. When this happens your body will move into ‘healing mode’ and is in a very deep state of relaxation. Yoga Nidra has neuroplastic benefits for the brain. In yoga nidra, we see activation of the parts of our brain known to regulate interoceptive awareness, such as the anterior cingulate cortex. This type of self-awareness meditation has also proven to increase the ability for self-control and self-regulation.

“Lisa did a Thai yoga massage on me the other day and it was the most wonderful experience! I absolutely loved it and walked out feeling fantastic. Thank you so much Lisa. I’ll be back for more!!!”Lara Jane
“I can highly recommend Lisa’s massages. They transport you to a ‘world of wonderful’. It is not very often that you can trust someone to treat your body and mind with the respect that Lisa does.”Jane


60 mins $70
90 mins $100 (with or w/o yoga nidra included)
120 mins $150 (yoga nidra included)

24 hour cancelation policy, meaning that you will be charged for half of the fee if you do not show at the scheduled time.

A change room and shower is available for use.

“I have had the pleasure of having a couple of massages with Lisa after
which my body felt relaxed and more balanced. Lisa adjusts her
technique to suit the client and is gentle in her approach. Thank you
for the wonderful massages I have had to date. My body feels restored
after your massage. I highly recommend having a massage with Lisa to
restore you body, mind and soul.”E. From Cleveland

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