New Timetable & New Studio

Namaste everyone,I hope you are well.
As we are coming to the end of the year, I wanted to let you know about some changes in classes and up coming events.
Firstly, I have some big news if you haven’t heard… our timetable and location is changing! Many of you know that Yuri and I have recently sold our house, and are moving to Cleveland. Our new studio is very spacious, quiet, private, light and airy. Our home studio is right across from the waterfront, and there is plenty of on street parking.
Throughout November, ALL CLASS TIMES REMAIN THE SAME WITH THE SAME LOCATIONS both at Manly, and Holland Park. However, in December I am going to discontinue classes in Holland Park. It has been a tough decision, and I have discussed it in recent classes with students. I understand that some of you will follow me to the new studio, and some may not. I encourage everyone to use their class passes in November, or you can put the value towards a private class/ or therapy session as you wish. Of course your passes will be most welcome in the new studio!
During December I will be undergoing training to offer Colonic Irrigation Therapy. The therapy will be held in a clinical setting at the home studio in Cleveland. I shall advise everyone when I am up and running and available to take appointments in January. Colonic Irrigation Therapy is an effective, safe and gentle method of cleaning the colon (large intestine), in order to eliminate accumulated waste and toxic materials from the bowel. The use of colon hydrotherapy is to cleanse, stimulate and rejuvenate the digestive system. A healthy colon is essential for optimal health and well-being of the entire body. Colon hydrotherapy is vital for your general Health and is also an important adjunct to any detoxification. It is an excellent way to keep the inside of your body in good health. Yogis and Yoginis for millennia have used hydrotherapy for colon cleansing. So watch this space for more news very soon. I look forward to being able to add another modality to assist you in healthy living with your body mind and spirit!

End of year Celebrations The last couple of years we have had an end of year celebration at our home in Manly. This year I’d like to invite you to attend celebrations from our new home/ studio. So make sure that you pop it into your calendars. We will be viewing the film "Yoga Woman” and then having a chat and laughs over some nibbles and drinks. Please bring along a plate to share and whatever you would like to drink. Let’s just keep it easy and relaxed!  Feel free to bring your partner or a friend, the more the merrier!
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