Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

We offer general Hatha Yoga classes with a community feel. At Laughing Lotus Yoga, we run a range of classes catering from beginners through to students that have a general level of strength and flexibility. Classes include Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asanas (physical postures) and a guided Meditation, which enables your body mind and spirit to be united.

We follow nature's circadian rhythm. We have General Classes for the mornings to prepare us for the day, and Gentle classes in the evenings to prepare us for rest, and undo the stresses of the day. Each new moon we run Restorative Yoga Classes which include a ½ hour yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for deep rest and healing.

What happens in the Yoga Classes?

Prior to commencement of each class Lisa asks students if there are any areas of the body that students would like to focus on such as tightness in the neck or releasing tension from the lumbar. Everyday our bodies are changing. As a Yoga Therapist and School Teacher, Lisa’s classes are always unique. Teaching to the exact needs of the students that are in front her. Students are guided into a practice suitable for their own level giving modifications and extentions as needed. She will share in context many aspects about yoga (such as the eight limbs od Yoga) and Ayurveda to live a more Yogic life, for yoga is not just a practice done on a mat. It is a way of living. Questions are always welcomed.

Where are the Yoga Classes?

Small classes are held in the beautiful studio in her home. It is light and airy, private and tranquil overlooking a lush garden. There is plenty of on street parking on 72 Shore St East Cleveland.

Classes are also held in the Manly Lota Scout Den (34 Wood St Manly). This is a special location surrounded by bushland. We often hear the kookaburras at sunset, and the space is also light and airy with plenty of space. Parking is on the street out the front.

“I have been attending the Community Classes of Laughing Lotus Yoga (Lisa) for approx. 6 years. Lisa is very caring and nurturing teacher, and manages to find great locations for her studios. Her classes are amazing and you never leave without feeling a sense of calm, and a smile on your face. Before each class Lisa asks everyone if they have a particular area that needs attention, and she incorporates these requests into her class. She has a saying ‘no judgement, no ego’ and that is very indicative of her approach to her classes. You are able to go to whichever level your body is able to on that particular day. She has numerous attendance options which make her classes very reasonable in price. I would not hesitate recommending Lisa to anyone who is either new to, or an established attendee of, yoga as no 2 classes are the same and all levels are catered for.”Margaret Dawes


$20 Casual classes
$90 Five Class Pass
$150 Ten Class Pass
$100 Monthly Pass Class

  • No bookings are required (all clases are ‘drop in’)
  • Mats and props are provided or you can bring your own
  • Change room available
  • Closed on Public Holidays
  • Eftpos available. Classes and class passes are paid for in person.

“Because of recently diagnosed low bone density & chronic fatigue many years ago I have been treated with Western Medicines. Since then I have developed a network & community of friends who have brought me to Lisa’s classes. Lisa has encouraged each of us to set our intention to where we wish to be & along with gentle guidance incorporating our Practice with nutrition, meditation & mindfulness. For me, it has set a new direction raising my awareness & allowing me to focus on what I can do to improve my condition. Unknowingly my recent full body scan has shown an increase in my Bone Density…love you Lisa !”Marli

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