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Registered Yoga Therapist

Are you needing a specific Yoga practice for your unique needs? Do you have an injury or an illness which you need to heal from to bring you back into a state of balance and health? As a registered Yoga Therapist with the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), Lisa can write a specific programme for your individual needs. Now is the time to be in vibrant health.

What happens in a session?

Lisa will take your case, asking you about health challenges/ assess your injuries, contact your relevant specialists, and conduct an observation of your body and breath. The first session normally takes around 2 hours face to face. At the end of this session you will be emailed a detailed individualised programme for your daily practice. You will be given a programme for a day and evening practice which has photographs of you doing the asanas, with descriptions of how to do the asana and how to breathe. Depending on your need you may also be emailed an individualised mp3 of a guided meditation, mantra or yoga Nidra. It is a highly individualized practice designed for your specifi needs. The programme changes as you heal.

Successive sessions should only be around 30 mins, with your programme being updated as you progress. Your new programme is then emailed to you.

“I’ve struggled with a back injury for the last 16 yrs. One whole year of one on one Yoga Therapy sessions with Laughing Lotus Yoga and now I’m in the best physical health I’ve ever been! Thank you Lisa.”Dijana
“What does it take to find that rhythm of routine we are so often promising ourselves to change our lifestyle? It was late at night with all the excitement of heading overseas on the trip of a lifetime that simply passing my husband a bag was the beginning of a shoulder injury. It would be some time into the trip before the injury began to give my problems but by the time I returned home it would become apparent I had a frozen shoulder. I would soon come to learn that there would be no quick fix for what had become a very painful and debilitating problem.

Looking back now, I can only thank my frozen shoulder for it led me to attending a yoga therapy session, yoga and meditation classes with Lisa at Laughing Lotus. From the very beginning, Lisa’s gentle approach to my injury was a relief but it was her holistic approach that would set me on a course to gain the insight into understanding the benefits of daily yoga and meditation practice. I found Lisa to be realistic and she encourages you to set your own time limits for what you feel is achievable. Lisa offers guidance in not only yoga and meditation techniques but also in all areas of improving your lifestyle, including diet. She also follows up with emails and reading material that encourages and supports you to help you achieve your goals. Lisa’s approach worked for me and I found the discipline I had long been seeking to make that change. Why not give Lisa a try and help make that change stick.”Karen


$160 for the first session
$80 / hour for successive sessions

This process is designed to have minimal sessions with the aim that you are brought back into balance so that you can attend regular sessions. The number of sessions that you will need depends on how your body heals.

Yoga Therapy is only suited to individuals who are committed to a daily practice to bring themselves back into balance.

24 hour cancellation policy, meaning that you will be charged for half of the fee if you do not show at the scheduled time.

“My post yoga therapy experience, effects & reflections confirmed and highlight how much I gained from a 2 hour investment in time, $ and practice in a yoga therapy assessment with Lisa McGarva. I highly recommend that others make such a sound choice to experience and benefit from the gifts of Lisa’s insightful, elegant and keen observations to notice what in our yoga practice needs naming, adapting and aligning. The effects from Lisa’s yoga session enable myself to re-script my yoga narrative as a means of transforming myself through a personalised, tailored daily yoga practice.”Steve
“Through yoga therapy, severe stress-related neck pain that troubled me for more than 8 years has dissipated, along with a lot of other body tension! Equally remarkable has been the inner transformation I have experienced…calm,groundedness and clarity, even in the daily intensity of my work as a midwife. With warmth, sincerity and gentle honesty Lisa has led me in discovering a way to nurture my body daily. I am so thankful.”Yolande

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